GatewayJFK is a legal DBA. We are incorporated, and listed as a not-for-profit organization with the State of New York under the name The Greater JFK District Management Association Inc.
The name Greater JFK Industrial Business Improvement District (JFK IBID) was used during the initial formation process of the organization, and is still sometimes used colloquially to refer to GatewayJFK.

The name GatewayJFK was chosen by the Board of Directors in the September of 2017 to help craft a neighborhood identity. Gateway was chosen because we are a major port of call for goods shipped through JFK airport, and because of our proximity to the Gateway National Recreation Area. Our board recognized that the people who work, live, and travel through the area did not have a name to associate with it.
The name is a key component of our placemaking strategy. GatewayJFK can be used interchangeably as a name for our neighborhood, a representation of our businesses and as our brand.

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a public/private partnership created by the New York City Council. BID’s are geographic areas where local stakeholders oversee and fund the maintenance, improvement, and promotion of a commercial district.
BID’s are run by a not-for-profit organization with a Board of Directors composed of property owners, merchants, residents, and local elected officials. GatewayJFK’s focus as an “Industrial” and “Air Cargo-Related” BID distinguishes it from the 73 retail focused NYC BID’s. This difference is reflected in our programs and services, budget and goals.
General information about BID’s can be found in the NYC BID Trends Report published each year by the New York City Dept. of Small Business Services.

Business Improvement Districts are primarily funded by a special assessment (a small fee) that is collected by the City of New York as part of a property tax bill. Assessments are unique to each BID and decided upon by the BID’s stakeholders at the time of the BID formation. As a not-for-profit BID’s also may receive funding from tax deductible donations and grants.

GatewayJFK’s formula for assessment includes different rates of pay for tax lots depending on property use and type. In Fiscal Year 2019 Industrial and Commercial properties paid approximately 5.5¢/sq. ft., vacant land and parking lots paid approximately 5¢/sq. ft., and mixed-use (commercial and residential) properties paid approximately 3¢/sq. ft. Residential properties paid $1 per year, and properties owned by not-for-profits, or occupied by City agencies did not pay an assessment. The exact rate will change slightly form year to year based on the number of vacancies and property use in the neighborhood.

GatewayJFK’s budget is $500,000/year. This about average for an outer-borough NYC BID. A copy of the GatewayJFK annual budget is included as part of our Annual Report and can be found on the Surveys and Reports page of this website.