GatewayJFK is where logistics and cargo, hotel, food service, retail, other industries, and a lively community, call home. Our mission is to create a space in New York where the air cargo industry can expand, thrive, and be a good neighbor.

GatewayJFK is home to over 600 businesses and 150 single family households. GatewayJFK is home to 8,000 workers and is a vital part of New York’s 8.6 Billion air cargo sector.

GatewayJFK is dedicated to making the area a clean and safe space to live in, work in, and invest in. We partner with the local community to mitigate the impacts of commercial traffic and improve their quality of life. We partner with local businesses to provide supplemental services, and act as the voice of the Off-Airport community.

Report Quality of Life

If you see issues like flooding, downed telephone poles, abandoned vehicles, and/or illegal dumping please fill out our Quality of Life form. Your information will be forwarded directly to our staff, where we can immediately begin to evaluate and respond to your concern. GatewayJFK is striving to create a safe and clean neighborhood. GatewayJFK will solve any issues we can directly, and track/improve response times from city agencies related to other service requests.


Shuttle Service

Starting in October of 2020 GatewayJFK will be offering a shuttle service between the Jamaica Transportation Hub and the GatewayJFK Commercial/Cargo/Industrial District. The goal of the shuttle is to reduce commuting times for workers and residents of the Southeast Queens community known as GatewayJFK.


Community Resources

Members of GatewayJFK include local businesses in the air cargo industry, other local businesses and residents of the local community. Our mission is to create a space in New York where the air cargo businesses can expand, thrive, be a good neighbor. In order to work towards that goal GatewayJFK partners with industry associations, local civic associations, community based organizations and government agencies.


Recent News

On Friday. Oct. 15th, 2021 at 12:00 noon GatewayJFK will be holding its 4th Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting is an opportunity for GatewayJFK to report on the previous years activities and for our membership to elect our Board of Directors. Due to Covid-19 and ongoing restrictions related to mass gatherings, this year the meeting will... Monday - October 4, 2021


Between April 5th and July 15th, 2021 the GatewayJFK Connection provided over 10,000 rides for employees and community members traveling to or from the Springfield Gardens neighborhood to Downtown Jamaica. The shuttle runs on weekdays from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM and operates using a mobile phone application built... Sunday - August 15, 2021


On April 5th, the 8,000+ workers in the GatewayJFK area will have a new option to get to and from work. GatewayJFK in partnership with the application Dollaride is set to launch a subsidized shuttle service to help workers commute from the Jamaica transit hub to our bustling cargo, hotel, and commercial job center. The... Wednesday - March 24, 2021


This week GatewayJFK began providing a limited snow removal service to help businesses and residents dig out from the massive snowstorm that hit NYC from February 1st to 3rd and dropped an estimated 17 inches of snow on our community. The snow removal effort is intended to improve the amount of parking in the area... Monday - February 8, 2021


Free Resources

District-wide Services & Improvements

GatewayJFK is here to make sure that our community is a great place to operate a business, work in, live in, and make investments. We work to make sure our district is vibrant, clean, and safe. We deliver services and improvements above and beyond those typically provided by the City. Our services include:

Street cleaning and maintenance
Marketing and events
Workforce and Business development
Effective Advocacy
Improved responses from government agencies


About GatewayJFK

Located within a vibrant and diverse New York City neighborhood, GatewayJFK isn’t just a place — it’s a community.

GatewayJFK is a community where logistics and cargo, hotel, food service, retail, and a residential neighborhood, call home. Our commitment to this community fuels our mission to improve the district by providing technical and professional services, workforce opportunities, supplemental services and improvements. Our future is rooted in effective advocacy and administration for all district members.


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