New Snow Service, Construction Update & Candidate Forum

New Snow Service, Construction Update & Candidate Forum

February 8, 2021

This week GatewayJFK began providing a limited snow removal service to help businesses and residents dig out from the massive snowstorm that hit NYC from February 1st to 3rd and dropped an estimated 17 inches of snow on our community. The snow removal effort is intended to improve the amount of parking in the area and remove large piles of snow that limit visibility and impact the turning radius of commercial vehicles in the district. The new program is a supplemental service that focuses on cleaning up the edges that remain after the NYC Department of Sanitation performs its regular plowing service, and that remains after individual property owners dig out private driveways and parking lots. GatewayJFK is currently using a skid steer and two small dump trucks to clean the main thoroughfares and will move to clean up side streets as the weeks continue. GatewayJFK's efforts have been gradual and methodical due to the scale of the most recent storm, and due to the size of the district which has approximately 7 linear miles of roadway within its boundaries. In the future, the organization plans to improve upon this service by hiring additional vehicles to cover more than one area of the district at a time. 87% of business owners cited snow removal as a top priority during the 2014 survey that led to the eventual creation of GatewayJFK.┬áThis is the first major storm to hit New York City since the GatewayJFK began operations in the spring of 2018.  


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