GatewayJFK is a public-private partnership providing neighborhood services, improvements and advocacy for the District’s off-airport cargo community and for all who live, work or visit the area. A vital link in the global supply chain, GatewayJFK is a distinct and unique NYC neighborhood of major economic significance to the region, the nation, and the world. GatewayJFK – Off Airport. On the Move.

A new feasibility study of the air cargo supply chain process at JFK International Airport (“JFK”) makes a case for how a new, connected airport-wide Truck Flow Management System (TFMS) would streamline cargo operations for truckers and airport personnel, save time, money and fuel, and improve quality of life for residents, business owners and workers in the surrounding community.


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Advocacy for Cargo Community

GatewayJFK acts as the voice of the Off-Airport community. From tackling issues with traffic, to helping our members get permits, to working for major changes in airport redevelopment, we are here to make sure that the needs of our businesses and residents are understood by key decision makers.



GatewayJFK has a team of workers collecting trash, trimming grass, and cutting down overgrowth on the sidewalks, curb lawns, and medians throughout our neighborhood. If you see an area you’d like us to clean up please make a report on our Quality of Life form. This celebration will honor members of the community in recognition of their work in both the Civic arena and the Air Cargo Industry.



GatewayJFK provides a security patrol to help keep the neighborhood safe. Our patrol provides extra eyes on the streets to prevent burglaries, illegal dumping, and graffiti. If you’d like to schedule the patrol to visit your home or business please reach out to us.If you're a member of our businesses community please help us by taking this 10 min. survey


Recent News

                              A new feasibility study of the air cargo supply chain process at JFK Airport makes a case for how a new, connected airport-wide Truck Flow Management System (TFMS) would streamline cargo operations for the on- and -off-airport logistics community, save... Sunday - May 1, 2022


GatewayJFK is proud to offer a second round of scholarships in Spring of 2022.   Aviation Program Scholarship & Regional Southeast Queens Program Scholarships  The two Scholarships are needs-based scholarships given to a graduating high school senior or currently enrolled trade school student or current undergraduate/graduate student.  For the Aviation Program, students should be seeking to... Friday - April 15, 2022


GatewayJFK in partnership with the application Dollaride launches a subsidized shuttle service to help workers commute from the Jamaica transit hub to our bustling cargo, hotel, and commercial job center. The shuttle will run every work day from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM and is expected to shave 20... Tuesday - April 5, 2022


Between April 5th and July 15th, 2021 the GatewayJFK Connection provided over 10,000 rides for employees and community members traveling to or from the Springfield Gardens neighborhood to Downtown Jamaica. The shuttle runs on weekdays from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM and operates using a mobile phone application built... Sunday - August 15, 2021


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District-wide Services & Improvements

GatewayJFK is here to make sure that our community is a great place to operate a business, work in, live in, and make investments. We work to make sure our district is vibrant, clean, and safe. We deliver services and improvements above and beyond those typically provided by the City. Our services include:

Street cleaning and maintenance
Marketing and events
Workforce and Business development
Effective Advocacy
Improved responses from government agencies


About GatewayJFK

Located within a vibrant and diverse New York City neighborhood, GatewayJFK isn’t just a place — it’s a community.

GatewayJFK is a community where logistics and cargo, hotel, food service, retail, and a residential neighborhood, call home. Our commitment to this community fuels our mission to improve the district by providing technical and professional services, workforce opportunities, supplemental services and improvements. Our future is rooted in effective advocacy and administration for all district members.


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